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Town of Carmanville

Carmanville is located along the beautiful Kittiwake Coast, Newfoundland, on route 330 and is approximately 45 minutes from Gander. Once there you'll find that one of Carmanville's greatest assets is its beautiful natural surroundings, including a wetlands walking trail and breathtaking ocean scenery. To find out more about Carmanville click on the links above. Don't forget to sign the guestbook located at the bottom of the page, we hope to see you soon!

Carmanville Harbor
Taken by John and Marilyn Tulk

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Contact Information:

Carmanville Town Council
Tel: (709) 534-2814
Facsimilie: (709) 534-2425

Carmanville Public Library
Tel: (709) 534-2370
Facsimilie: (709) 534-2076

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